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What are masternode shares and why do we need them.

Masternode Shares are a key risk management tool, empowering users to own there part, each masternode is splt into a fixed number of shares, these shares have a fixed value, and represent your holdings. Each day you get a masternode payout, in essance intrest so long as you hold the shares, when you done you can sell you shares back to the institution, at there face value. If you own shares, its impossible to leave our platform with less than you started with. We dare you to try.


Is this a stake pool service

Not in the traditional sence of the word, CryptoCore is not an online wallet provider, storing coins with us is not permitted, nor is mining to your account, however to run the masternodes we excersize control over a fixed number of coins, that back the masternodes they underwrite. As a bonus for our shareholders, like any good investment platform we offer a diverse revenue stream to our clients, this means we do stake the coins we hold, however they are not paid out to everybody, only those who whole shares are paid, each stake block is paid to the masternode pool in realtime and paid out every day


How does your staking impact masternode performance

It doesnt, the stake is paid in addition to your outright masternode earnings as a result you can clearly see our class leading performance and yields, they are huge. This performance can be increased and or decresed based on investor confidence, when confidence is high, and the shares and coins are stable, performance will increase as we become a fast reliable proven earner, improved stake weight and performance, along with optimal package sizes all contribute to an improving above average performance, when confidence is down, coins are moved, nodes come and go and stake weight is lost and surrendered. CryptoCore aims to be stable and reliable, and our performance really does depend on you.


Hey you control alot of the network what gives.

Its true, our platform is huge, but its size is strictly limmited, we have no intention of attempting to attack the network or provide a means of doing so for anyone, we will never pass the 51% requirement, although on occasion as markets move ahead of us get close to this, we have done so in the past and will do so again if we need to, remove nodes from service, and complete a forcefull refund for the newest owners, whilst unplesant only a healthy network will survive


Whats the catch fees?

Yes, the CryptoCore Platform operates on a 10% fee, but please try to understand, CryptoCore is very expensive software to begin with, it needs very high performance sql servers, hi performance web servers, a huge number of wallets the consume huge amounts of memory and cpu power, not to mention the abuse our owned hard disks take, combined with the internet requirements and day to day man hours in managing the platform, and the skill sets of those involved.


Proposal Voting

Good news. You can now vote on proposals, at present prosals are not directly imported from the blockchain and are added by staff on a best effort basis, if you would like your Proposal listed here for consideration by our stake members please reach out, well make a reasonable attempt to accomadate everyone.