6 Key Advantages To Staging A Home For Sale

When a homeowner chooses to list his home in order to sell it, he invariably seeks a combination of the highest possible/available price, the shortest time frame (to meet objectives), and the least amount of hassles. Some people choose one of these over the other, but when a home is professionally staged, it also improves its marketing and sale potential. When interviewing potential listing agents, make sure to ask about how/if staging would benefit you, and why! While most people’s home is their single most valuable asset, the real estate sales and marketing process is often emotional, and potential home buyers often lack clarification on what they want, and the house that stands out and distinguishes itself often attracts more potential buyers! Let’s take a look at six main benefits of staging a home for sale.

1. Curb appeal: Staging isn’t just about the inside of a house; it’s also about the outside. What is the first thing a prospective buyer notices about your home? Isn’t it obvious that you want to make a good first impression? Enhance and fix curb appeal by landscaping, planting colorful flowers (if possible), painting, etc., power washing (if applicable), and keeping the home, walks, roof, and driveway clean, tidy, and inviting. You’ve already lost the fight if you turn a customer off before he enters!

2. Making a good first impression: You just get one chance to make a good first impression! When a customer walks through the front door, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Get rid of the clutter, the noises, and the odors! Is there something obvious that makes this first impression something other than optimistic and flattering? Is there anything that might gain from a fresh coat of paint?

3. Demonstrates what could be: One of the problems is that many potential investors are unable to envision what could be. They are often fixated on a specific color, piece of furniture, fixture, or other detail. That is something that should be addressed by high-quality, professional staging! A skilled stager may be able to use all or most of your existing furniture in some cases, whereas in others, staging furniture may be recommended. Inquire about the stager, the advantages, and so on!

4. Move right in: When a home has been correctly, successfully, and professionally staged, it gives the impression that it is ready to move into!

5. Improves moods: Pleasant surroundings encourage prospective buyers to linger and look a little longer! When a buyer likes a home, he begins to imagine himself living there!

6. The buyer imagines himself living there: The ideal scenario is for a prospective buyer to feel so good and welcome that he wants to make the house his own!

Talk to your knowledgeable real estate agent about staging, and interview stagers to talk about your home and its needs! It is frequently a homeowner’s best investment!

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